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While this is my "official" userpage, FMRAV:DMBFFF (FMRAV user page) is my essential userpage, though I'll answer posts in the talk here, as well as talk page there.
It has there all the stuff that's here (save this hatnotes and cat(s), if any) and more.


until I work out the Vimeo problem again: PJ Harvey — This Is Love


my Wikipedia Userpage: w:User:DMBFFF (Wow, I've made over 300 edits here: FWIW—mostly minor or talk—w:Special:Contributions/DMBFFF.)
the main page of my other Miraheze wiki: Main Page
my Wikimedia Commons Userpage: c:User:DMBFFF (over 17 000 frickin' edits!!—mostly supercatting files though—c:Special:Contributions/DMBFFF)
my Wiktionary Userpage: wikt:User:DMBFFF (under 20 edits; a lot of them minor IWs in the ELs—wikt:Special:Contributions/DMBFFF)
my Wikiquote Userpage: wikiquote:User:DMBFFF (under 10—wikiquote:Special:Contributions/DMBFFF)
my Wikiversity Userpage: wikiversity:User:DMBFFF (under 10—I don't know TFW this wiki's about, but it looks interesting—wikiversity:Special:Contributions/DMBFFF)
my Simple English Wikipedia Userpage: w:simple:User:DMBFFF (as I'm somewhat acquainted with this unique medium of communicationw:simple:Special:Contributions/DMBFFF—again, fewer than 10 edits)

neat BASE jumping scene

C Scott - 05 - Hurdy Gurdy.ogg    2:54
C Scott - 07 - Humphrey.ogg    2:16
P C III - 01 - Children Of The Son The Mondrian Mix.ogg    22:53
Projekt Klangform - 05 - Traumwelt angstrmInstitutes Brekka Factory RMX.mp3    8:07