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Republic of Media

Flag of Media
Coat of arms
CapitalMedia City
Largest citySan Exactun
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional republic
• Current constitution
November 24, 2020
• 2020 estimate
ISO 3166 codeMI
Internet TLD.mi

Media (officially the Republic of Media) is a nation located at the center of the Gran Media region, bordered by Nuvizzeir to the north and Media del Sur and Ri-Emuland to the south and south-east respectively. It plans to join the United Spanne of Stredné Republics, an alliance for economic and military purposes.


Colonial rule (1537-1949)

The area was colonized by the Madalik Empire from 1537 to 1812. The Madalikud converted the natives into their religion and united the territory as "Media", which means in the "middle" or "center", as it is in the middle of two halves of the continent.[2]

The Madalikud ruled until it lost a war with the Cellutundu Federation. The democratic nation of Cellutundi was an upstart that is located just a few nations north of Media, and they led Media until the independence referendum in November 2020.[2]

The Madalikud colonizers spent much of the region’s budget on education, and spreading their religion and language, while actively suppressing pro-independence activists. They established hundreds of churches throughout the country, some of which have become abandoned ruins-turned-tourist attractions.[2]

Cellutundi kept the education focus, but had the Madalikud language slowly die off with the government-subsidies private schools pressured to switch languages. The Cellutundu rule lasted from 1812 to 1949, and helped the Median people slowly transition into an independent republic with a multi-party democratic government. Today, Medians have strong support for closer ties with Cellutundi, reaching as high as 83% in one of the latest, December 2020, polls.[2]


Demographics of Media
Demographics of Media

Media has a population of 60,000,000. Its largest city, San Exactun, has a population of 16,000,000. The capital city of Media has a population of 3,000,000. The country is split into majority urban and majority rural areas. Our largest cash crops and food crops are: maize, tobacco, agave in the very northern highlands, and squash.[lower-alpha 1]


Politics in Media is dominated by a few large parties.

Political parties

Political parties in Media

No. Logo Name Wing(s) Ideologies
1 LibMov Liberal Movement Right-wing Classical liberalism
Free-market capitalism
2 RevDem Revolutionary Democrats Center-left
Social democracy
3 Left Oppo Left Opposition Movement Far-left Communism
4 Nat Unity National Unity Party Right-wing Social Conservatism
Moderate Economic Statism


Structure of the Government
Structure of the Government

Media is a parliamentary republic with the Prime Minister serving as both head of state and head of government. Its Constitution was approved by two-thirds of voters in a referendum.[3]


Provinces of Media
Provinces of Media
Map of provinces

Media has 8 (eight) provinces: Libertad, Libertad del Norte, Mexhumal, Mediación, Exactun, Chichipa, Media (province), and Mecate.


Elections of Media
Elections of Media
The Electoral Tribunal of Media

Elections are Media are held every month or so by the Electoral Tribunal of Media.

December 2020 federal elections

Map of the Senate delegation, as printed by the Blended Press

In the country's first federal elections, the Liberal Movement won 3 out of 5 seats in the House of Delegates and half of the 8 seats in the Senate. The Revolutionary Democrats took all else.


Media in Media is scarce and has only one main press agency: the Blended Press (BP).

Blended Press

What is the Blended Press?
What is the Blended Press?

The Blended Press is a cooperative running not-for-profit that was established centuries ago, and has a reputation for reporting just the facts.



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