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Welcome to Fiction and Fictional Settings Wiki—and a thanks to the folks here at Miraheze for allowing this wiki!

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about FAFSW

FAFSW is a wiki where you can read and create fiction, and articles about fictional places, languages, religions, et al, such fiction are set in; as well as check out images for such.

As this wiki is the first wiki the bureaucrat of this wiki is a bureaucrat of (outside of a personal non-internet wiki), wikt:thon isn't too hip about computers or the internet, and this wiki has just begun, it will probably be a work in progress, including this page.

Please keep this in mind if you're thinking "OMG!! This wiki is perfect!"—unlikely, but this caveat is still worth mentioning, as this wiki will likely change.

Perhaps you enjoy the "world-building" part of story-writing as much as the narration—perhaps more. (For example when this wiki's bureaucrat was told how the ring was "unmade" in Tolkein's story before reading the trilogy, it didn't bother wikt:thon at all: maybe wikt:thon seems to be immune to "spoilers." Maybe you are too.)

Have you been working on a story or scenario, but don't have anything completed—maybe not even close to completion? Maybe you can create a User sub-page or Draft: page here, and put what you have so far in it. You and others might edit it until you can put it into a regular namespace. There's also the Fiction and Fictional Settings Wiki:Sandbox.

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Featured place

Media (officially the Republic of Media), is a nation located at the center of the Gran Media region, bordered by Nuvizzeir to the north and Media del Sur and Ri-Emuland to the south and south-east respectively. It plans to join the United Spanne of Stredné Republics, an alliance for economic and military purposes.