Fiction and Fictional Settings Wiki:Rules and guidelines

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1. Probably many Wikipedia rules and guidelines generally apply here, save the notability, sourcing, OR, and the like. Miraheze rules and TOS apply here—don't get them into trouble.

2. If you're unsure, post such uncertainties on this talk-page, Fiction and Fictional Settings Wiki:Meeting Place, and a possible About talk page.

3. Categorization starts with Category:Contents. Categorization isn't necessary but is favoured.

4. "Non-mission" stuff is okay, as long as you observe Fiction and Fictional Settings Wiki:Namespaces.

5. Alt accounts are okay, if they all stick to the rules; though troublesome sockpuppets might reflect on a person's main account.

6. If you want to post adult content, or NSFW stuff, you can, but read this first: Fiction and Fictional Settings Wiki:FMRAV.

7. As the alt-right are messing up other sites, tolerance here for pro-Nazi stuff is low, so think twice before you try shoe-horning that shit into this wiki. You want to criticize Obama, Clinton, Biden, or Pelosi, or praise Trump? Go ahead; as long as you don't spam (at least not too much) or say blatantly stupid (and supposedly serious) stuff; and be ready for counters in the talk pages (this wiki's bureaucrat see wikt:thon somewhat as a left-leaning liberal).

8. Also rules might change as per discussions, consensus, and this bureaucrat's whims—again, this wiki is new and very much a work in progress with 2 editors at the time of this edit.

9. Aside from all of that, don't be afraid to make mistakes w:W:Be Bold—this is a wiki after all—just don't get hung up over corrections.

10. If you don't like it, create your own Miraheze wiki: this wiki's bureaucrat is very much the wiki ignoramus, and yet he created this wiki.   :)