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recommended reading: w:Wikipedia:Namespace

The namespaces, and rules and guidelines about them, are currently:

Namespaces that generally only the creator of a particularly page can edit, unless wikt:thon permits others, in rare cases by the bureaucrat and administrators, and of course, the page's talk page:

  • Main namespaces are for articles, maybe DABs and the like. If you want to, say, detail the geography, history, demography, economics, imports-exports, et al, of your fictional country(/ies), real ones you've fictionalized, or alternate canon of others works (assuming this is permitted, and the bureacrat thinks it is), (or going more macro) as well as fictional worlds, (or going more micro) and fictional cities, towns, neighbourhoods, et al, you might as well put them in the main namespaces.

    You can also create articles of fictional or fictionalized religions, inventions and tools, cultural and/or social and/or political practices, character bios, etc. even if they are independent of a story or fictional place.

    Main namespace articles should be quasi-/pseudo-encyclopedic—though things such as sourcing, notability, and the like are, of course, unnecessary.

  • Narration namespaces are, implicitly, for narration. If you just want to narrate stories—the-"It-was-a-dark-and-stormy-night"-stuff—that probably should go into the Narration namespace.

    Granted, there could be some crossover in the above two. The mainspace could quote an account, speech, etc, while the narration space could detail a place, but in the manner of some person telling you person-to-person or a small group you're in.

  • User namespaces rules are generally like WP's, though you are allowed more leeway in your user space and its sub-pages.
  • Essay namespaces: for dealing with real, or somewhat real, maybe serious, stuff.
  • Poem: implicitly, for poetry or similar.

  • Talk pages of the above: Anyone can put questions, comments, and the like into the talk pages of such works. Note: While we welcome vigorous criticism of content in talk pages, please no ad hominems. Even if you think a person's work is inferior, he/she/wikt:thon might have put his/her/thons heart and soul into it. Your POVs might be appreciated, but more so if kindly stated. Even the generally very sarcastic J.P. Beaubien, of TWA videos, had this: The Nature of Clichés - Honest Thoughts 11:42.

Namespaces that can be edited by anybody:

  • Story namespaces are DAB's-of-sorts for other namespace pages of a story or very similar stories. If you have created both main and narration spaces of the same story—maybe even images for thumbnails, poetry, drafts, stubs, and subpages, and maybe even essays, you can list them all in a Story namespace page, with links to them. If others have done variations and/or extensions of your story, they can also list them on the same page.
  • File namespaces: as per other wikis. Probably the best way to go about images is first try Wikicommons, such as c:Category:Fictional places or its sub-cats such as c:Category:Flags of fictional countries, maybe upload stuff in Wikicommons and use them here. The next option is mh:Miraheze Commons; then here in FAFSW.
  • Draft namespaces: if you're unsure whether to put content in a main or narration, or even other another space, and/or you have content that's incomplete, you might make a draft.
  • Stub namespaces: like drafts, but much shorter—indeed, let's say if it's fewer than 300 characters and spaces, it'll probably be a stub. It might be better to make them a section in a future Stub:Main stub page.
  • Forum: treat it like a forum thread, though unlike other forums, content that's heavy on facts, has lots of text in a post, and/or likely to be edited, should probably go to other pages, such as essays or user sub-pages.
  • Fun: in addition to some of the above fun.
  • Other: for Wkipedia-like articles or other entries.
  • Category:Contents is where all categories of this wiki start.

(and now, have some fun.   :D   )